As a part of the legal offerings of Boyer Law Firm we offer businesses Outside General Counsel service plans.

With this service, a business of any size can level the playing field by having an experienced business attorney on-call. Even better, with our service, you will have an ongoing relationship with an attorney that knows your business inside and out. No more thumbing through the yellow pages, or throwing a dart at the board with an internet search.

No More Searching the Internet for Forms & Documents

How many times have you needed a form or document and turned to a quick Google search?  Or purchased general software or books to get semi-legal documents?

Too many times, these documents and forms are drafted for someone else’s business.  They are for someone else’s deal, project and circumstances.

These poorly drafted or sloppy business documents create far more problems than they are worth.

  • Documents are written in another state or country and may leave you vulnerable and unprotected.
  • They are sloppy and can leave a bad impression on clients, prospects and employees.
  • Can show a lack of experience and lack of qualifications for prospective clients.

Your job is to be the expert at your business, not try to to be an attorney. Protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Outside General Counsel Benefits

With Boyer Law Firm as your Outside General Counsel, you will have access to all the legal services that we offer – including, but not limited to:

  • General Business Consulting
  • Annual Legal Needs Review
  • Draft & Respond to Demand Letters
  • Business Debt Collection
  • Intellectual Property Agreements and Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation and Review
  • Independent Contractor Contracts and Agreements
  • Employee Termination & Release Agreements
  • HR Documentation & Employee Background Checks
  • Trademark & Patent Application and Infringement
  • Create & Review Service Contracts
  • Create & Review Invoice Terms & Conditions
  • Create & Review Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Draft Use or Licensing Contracts
  • Employee Manuals & HR Policies
  • Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

Small and medium-sized businesses have fixed budgets and limited resources.  We understand that it is out of reach for these businesses to hire a full-time or even part-time in-house counsel.

Our service gives the small and medium-sized business access to a large law firm.  And with our flat-rate billing you have the power to budget monthly spending on legal needs. Plan for future issues and projects.  Have peace of mind that you have experienced business attorneys working to protect your business.

We take the headaches away and let you get a good night’s sleep knowing counsel is just a call away. Boyer Law Firm’s Outside General Counsel Services let you get back to concentrating on your business.  Now you can maximize your time, energy, and business reputation!