Yigit Or

Foreign Consultant

English, Turkish


Born in Istanbul, Yigit received his Bachelors Degree from Istanbul Technical University in Geophysical Engineering. Sometime before receiving his Masters Degree in Marine Geophysics from Istanbul University, Yigit visited Los Angeles, CA. He fell in love with the city and more importantly, the United States. Shortly after receiving his Masters, he moved to LA and then New York City. Today, Yigit lives in Istanbul and New York. Lucky for us, because we don’t know what we would do without him.

Making the big leap from geophysical engineering, Yigit is a valuable asset to Boyer Law Firm’s marketing department. He assists with technical writing, translation, and coding on multiple platforms, including websites.


B.S. Istanbul Technical University,
Geophysical Engineering

M.S. Istanbul University,
Marine Geophysics

Other Licenses