Boyer Law Firm, with our experienced business transactional attorneys, helps businesses and individuals achieve their business goals through aggressive contract negotiation, business acquisition, and dispute resolution. Whether you are planning to start a business of your own or are an established business entity, our business transaction attorneys have the knowledge and strategies necessary to assist you in taking your business’s next step as for example :

  • Form corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and other business entities
  • Restructure and reorganize corporations, LLCs, and partnerships
  • Acquire a U.S. visa to purchase or operate a business in the U.S., including family petitions
  • Hire U.S. citizens as employees and independent contractors
  • Hire non-U.S. citizens as employees and independent contractors, including all business immigration visas and requirements
  • Protect trade secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property
  • Purchase and sell company assets
  • Import or export company products
  • License, sell, and acquire copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property assets
  • Sell equity to outside investors
  • Enter joint ventures (JVs) and form strategic partnerships
  • Purchase and sell businesses
  • Merge with and acquire other businesses
  • Resolve disputes before they become lawsuits
  • Litigate shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract claims, and other commercial litigation cases

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With offices in NYC, the experienced business transactional attorneys at Boyer Law Firm are well-equipped to handle your company’s contract dispute. If you would like to purchase or sell a U.S. company or believe you have a claim for a breach of contract, contact us today to set up a consultation and create a plan of action that may bring about the desired result in your case.