How Can A New York Corporate Attorney Help Me?

A new business venture, like a new house, starts with a solid foundation. When you begin planning a new enterprise, the advice of a trusted New York corporate lawyer ensures that you do not miss critical steps in the process.

The all-important first step of establishing a business begins by defining a clear separation of business and personal affairs through establishing a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability company, to protect your own assets from your business’ liabilities.

When you are ready to explore incorporating your business, call Boyer Law Firm, or e-mail us using the Contact form. Our attorneys will guide you through the practical and legal implications of forming a new business.

Standard Documents Package

For most clients, our standard documents package includes the following:

  • An initial one hour meeting with an attorney to discuss your new business venture and its potential needs. It is at this meeting we discuss the different types of corporations that can be formed.
  • We obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). You will need this number to open up a bank account. Even if you do not have any employees, this number also acts as your tax identification number for your new business.
  • We will prepare a standard Shareholder Agreement or Operating Agreement, depending on what type of entity you have chosen.
  • Once we have incorporated you, you will have a one hour “Operational Meeting” with an attorney. It is at this meeting that you will receive several memorandums on various items that you can take care of on your own. We will discuss the highlights of these memos and answer any questions you may have concerning what we cover in the memos. We will review your Shareholder Agreement/Operating Agreement at this meeting. We can also discuss the types of insurance you should consider purchasing to protect your hard earned investment until the business can protect itself.
  • We do charge our normal hourly rates for any customization of our standard corporate paperwork and shareholder agreements/operating agreements. Customization normally occurs in newly formed corporations with multiples owners, who each have their own personal concerns or objectives surrounding the new business. The customization normally surrounds how to pass their ownership on to their heirs and how to buy out another owners interest in the business.