New York Corporation Formation

Once we incorporate your company in the State of New York, our standard package will include following services and corporate documents which will be sent to you:

  1. Filing fees paid to the State of New York
  2. Name Reservation
  3. Filed Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Corporate By-Laws
  5. Corporate forms and resolution
  6. Minutes of the first meetings of the Board of Directors
  7. EIN number
  8. Stock Transfer Register
  9. Stock Certificates for each shareholder, numbered, printed with the entity name, state, officers’ titles.
  10. Biennial Statement

Procedure to Incorporate your new New York Business

  1. Complete the Business Formation Questionnaire;
  2. Request our Fee Agreement;
  3. Make payment.

Once the three above steps are completed, we will proceed with the incorporation process.

We will in any case supply the EIN tax number (Employer Identification Number) required for all corporations formed in the States of New York.

Annual Maintenance Fee for New York Corporation

Boyer Law Firm maintains New York Corporations, provides annual registered agent and address services, and completes States of New York Biennial Returns.

Our annual maintenance service includes:

  1. Preparation of New York biennial statement;
  2. New York registered agent and address;
  3. State of New York biennial statement filing fee;
  4. Certificate of Good Standing for your New York Corporation, for an additional fee if you request it