Child support is a financial contribution imposed on one parent to support the other to raise their child. In New York State, both parents are supposed to financially support their child(ren) until he/she reaches the age of 21. Usually, the parent having physical custody of the child would receive the payment of the child support by the other parent.

Child support can be decided by parents themselves and if no such agreement can be found, then the judge would fix an amount to be paid monthly.

There is no automatic formula to calculate the amount of child support due. The judge will take into consideration the financial situation of each parent, whether or not the future payer of child support is already paying for spousal support or alimony, the needs of the child, his/her age, etc.

In the event the parent ordered to pay child support fails to do so, then the other parent may file a support enforcement petition in the Family Court.

If you need to obtain an order or to enforce an existing child support order, contact an experience family law lawyer to guide you through this procedure.